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Independent & Small Firm Consulting

Below is a list of programs offered by Consultant Training Australia for independent consultants

Starting your own consultancy

Day 1 of a 3-day program combining (Day 1) Starting Your Consultancy, (Day 2) Marketing Your Consultancy and (Day 3)   Consulting Skills

Day 1 Program:  Starting Your Consultancy

  1. Business structures and the home office
  2. How to run the business so that it makes money – strategy
  3. Fee setting and financial aspects
  4. Proposals and client agreements
  5. The next steps

Target group - external consultants, contractors and freelancers new to consulting, or planning to go into consulting

Main benefit - it shows the steps to create a more viable business 

Second benefit - gives you competence and confidence on fee setting and negotiating

Third benefit - covers compliance / set-up aspects - tax, legal, forms, checklists

Also reveals most of the pitfalls

Read the brochure for full details and description

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Marketing your consultancy

Day 2 Program:  Marketing Your Consultancy

  1. How to get clients, - marketing yourself when you have never had (consciously) to do it before
  2. Defining your market
  3. Making your marketing kit - essential tools for marketing
  4. Being ultra clear about when you are marketing and when you are selling
  5. Client meetings to gain an engagement
  6. How to sell - insights into consultative selling skills
  7. Your own key client program
  8. The next steps

Target group - all consultants, contractors and freelancers, including new and prospective ones

Main benefit - Most of your hard work is done by the time you get to talk to the prospective client

Second benefit - You will have a workable and simple plan to get your business positioned to attract the potential client

Third benefit - You will learn the process of winning engagements - creating and converting opportunities into fee paying assignments

Also reveals most of the pitfalls

Read the brochure for full details and description

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Consulting skills

Day 3 Program : Consulting Skills

Complementary workshop to the above program - this shows you how to consult, once you have won the engagement.

Do you consult, or do you just take orders? 

Add real value to your work by adopting the 'consultative method' of service delivery.

Consulting Skills

Designed for consultants who want to adopt a proven and widely accepted consulting methodology to complement their professionalism as 'subject matter experts'.

  1. Clarifying: consulting vs contracting, what your clients want
  2. Adopt a consulting methodology you can use to ensure you achieve the best results from your work.
  3. Consult so that you build client ownership.
  4. Develop techniques to handle difficult situations, including 'difficult clients', delivering bad news and managing brief creep.
  5. Add more value to the client's organisation than simply being a technical expert.
  6. Find your work more fulfilling by moving above the contractor role.

Target group - consultants and contractors, including new ones

Main benefit - you will be rigorous in the delivery of your work from a consulting perspective to complement your professional skills.

Second benefit - you will learn how to position yourself so that clients will see you as a valuable resource and partner.

Third benefit - your service delivery should improve resulting in more interesting and rewarding engagements.

Read the brochure for full details and description

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Coaching for consultants

Consultants seek advice about:

  • Pricing
  • Viability
  • Marketing
  • Partnerships and joint ventures
  • Major and minor pitfalls
  • How to set up their businesses
  • Sale of their business

Ring Ian to discuss your situation: 0419 593 167 or e-mail your query

Ian regularly helps consultants move on to:

  • Re-focusing after some years of practice
  • Increasing the level of income
  • Building the client base through proactive marketing
  • Preparing an approach
  • Conducting a consulting practice
  • Sorting out staffing and location issues
  • Succession planning for consulting firms
National 03 9593 1678  Mobile 0419 593 167 International +61 3 9593 1678 info@consultanttraining.com.au
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