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Marketing Your Consultancy -


One day workshop

Designed for consultants who want to develop and/or review their marketing so that they can win more business

We need to be visibile - otherwise we'll be overlooked

Make it easy for your clients to do business with you. Let them see how you can help them
Enable your prospective clients to feel confident about how you can help them meet their business goals
Ensure you learn what it is that they want, before you make specific offers when in face-to-face / live contact
See how to conduct an ongoing engagement program

Program Outcomes Summary

Build your consultancy by using effectively tested processes to retain and grow your client base
Get up and operational with the next steps for your marketing program
Be clear about your web site components
Sort out your social media strategy - it's essential to do this
Develop a manner to conduct client meetings where you are assessing the needs and leading to win the engagement

Target Group


Designed for independent and small firm consultants expert in their own professional area who want to protect and grow their businesses.

Full Program Content


1.   The marketing process - why we are all marketers

2.   Your marketing tools

Basic marketing kit and livery
Presenting and articulating your track record - even as a new consultant
Vignettes - stories
Your offer, services, specialisation
Web strategy - outline web presence
Social media strategy - Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook
Alternative Marketing Strategies
Networking as a strategy
Networking as a skill

3.  'Key Client' marketing program

'90 day' rule

4.  Preparing to make the sale - winning the engagement

Concept of 'Consultative Selling Skills'

Customised offer

5.   Conduct of the client meeting

Approach / Rapport

What you bring, what the client brings
Needs assessment
Closing / next step
Role Play

6.   The formal proposal

Documenting the offer

Follow up
The second meeting

7.   Ongoing management of the client relationships


The Next Step

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