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Internal Consultants

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Consulting and Relationship Skills

2 day program combining the Consulting Skills and Relationship Skills workshops

Designed for Internal Consultants expert in their own professional area who want to enhance their consulting skills and boost their influence with their colleagues as clients.

Create your own business network
Workshop specific consulting issues that you need to address
Learn the process of winning assignments - convert opportunities into leads and engagements
Add more value to the client than simply being a subject expert
Find your work more fulfilling by moving above the contractor role
Position yourself as a potential strategic partner with increased influence

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Consulting Skills

1 day program

The workshop is designed to enable service providers to better compete on non-price variables.

These include the opportunity to compete on quality, uniqueness or service or method of approach, personality, relevant track record / past experience, or good work practices.

Previous attendees include consultants from a wide range of industries and professions, builders and people from the construction industry, and service providers to governments.

The seminar is not about how to reduce costs.

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Influencing Skills


1 day program

The objectives of this workshop include gaining a better understand the concept and dimensions of influence, becoming aware of the elements of influential behaviour, consider how these elements can be used to enhance one's own influence, and much more...

Understand the concept and dimensions of influence
Become aware of the elements of influential behaviour and consider how to adopt them in an authentic way
Choose some of the attributes of influence and plan to implement them in your professional situation
Develop strategies for participating in difficult conversations
Identify your own sources of power and become aware of what you can do to sustain and utilise them.

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Coaching For Consultants

Some of the coaching and consulting assignments we have delivered are on the More Information page. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the situation you are contemplating.

Ring Ian to discuss your situation: 0419 593 167 or e-mail your query

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