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Consulting & Relationship Skills - Internal Consultants

Working with your colleagues - helping them discover that you are a valuable resource!

Workshop Details


Designed for internal consultants expert in their own professional area who want to enhance their skills in gaining influence in building relationships with internal clients and in delivering their consultancy services

Create your own business network
Find consulting opportunities
Learn the process of winning assignments - convert opportunities into leads and engagements
Add more value to the client than simply being a subject expert
Find your work more fulfilling by moving above the contractor role

Program Outcomes Summary

a. Consult more effectively
b. Relate to their clients and build client engagement
c. Contribute to winning engagements and building the profile of the firm

Program Outcomes


Consulting skills

1. Develop a consulting methodology that increases the likelihood of success in your consulting assignments
2. Be aware of the four types of consulting approaches and:
  • how the approach you use affects client expectations;
  • the strengths and weaknesses of each approach
  • when to use each one;
3. Focus on how to establish the collaborative consulting model to build client and user/staff ownership of your initiatives and solutions
4. Chart a path for progression from 'pair of hands' / contractor service provision to the status of 'trusted advisor'
5. Clarify appropriate responses to many consulting pressure situations

Relationship Skills

1. Develop relationships with your clients leading to increased utilisation of your services and acceptance of your contributions
2. Make a greater contribution to your consulting firm or unit by identifying and following up additional consulting opportunities
3. Learn the process of winning assignments - convert opportunities into leads and engagements
4. Build your own network and use it to create business opportunities
5. Internal consultants can become more influential in your organisation
6. Receive templates for consulting tools and recommendations as to when and how to use them
7. Receive an extensive manual for post workshop reference.

Target Group


Designed for consultants expert in their own professional area who want to enhance their skills in building relationships with clients and in delivering their consultancy services

Program Content



Orientation and clarification

Understanding who your clients are, their needs and the opportunities you and they face
The services you can provide to help your clients
How consulting provides more value than standard service provision
4 Modes of delivering consulting services: contracting, expert, facilitating &  collaborative - appropriateness and insights into how you are perceived
Client needs, client / consultant fears

Consulting Skills - 'How To Consult'

The consulting process - 6 essential steps

Collaborative Consulting essentials - managing the politics, people, risk, building ownership and support and utilising practical consulting process

Consulting competencies

Consulting Skills - Service delivery issues

Taking the brief - 'scoping'
Expectations: surfacing, influencing and managing expectations
Identifying and managing resistance, leading vs collaborating, delivering bad news, handling (difficult) people, giving and receiving feedback (tough conversations)
Moving above 'contracting': overcoming being overlooked, being typecast, being ignored and creating your preferred positioning

Consulting Tools - A look at some of the key tools

Needs analysis / Gap analysis / Questioning techniques
Measuring performance:  PIR - Post Implementation Reviews, others
From strategic planning, SWOT, force field analysis, visioning, facilitating requirements


Client Relationship Management 1 / Marketing your services

How to get clients interested in your services
Presenting your skills as relevant valuable services
Relationship marketing - internally

Maintaining the relationship:  your key client program - composition and actions, schedule

Building influence - what works, starting anew, maintaining, extending

Negotiating an internal consultancy

Getting into the position of earning the right to have a conversation with a client about the business
Spotting the opportunity and researching the need
Preparation and customising the offer, then how to approach the client
Conducting the client meeting
Engaging the client and agreeing on the next step - 'closing'
Handling client disinterest, misunderstanding and gaining agreement

Applied Relationship Skills

Skills acquisition and consolidation through customised role plays
Workshop issues relevant to your consulting

The Next Step


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