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Consulting and Relationship Skills - Consulting Firms and Units

Two day workshop


This workshop is the Consulting Skills workshop with a second day for external consultants to focus on

(a)  building relationships during the consultancy, and

(b)  building their own networks, and

(c) getting clients to do things - such as arranging well attended meetings, extending the scope and, engaging us!

Create your own business network
Find consulting opportunities
Learn the process of winning assignments - convert opportunities into leads and engagements
Workshop specific consulting issues that you need to address
Position yourself as a potential strategic partner with increased influence
Workshop issues relevant to your consulting

Program Outcomes Summary

Develop relationships with your clients leading to increased utilisation of your services and acceptance of your contributions
Make a greater contribution to your consulting firm or unit by identifying and referring or following up additional consulting opportunities
Learn the process of winning assignments - convert opportunities into leads and engagements
Build your own network and use it to create business opportunities
Receive templates for consulting tools and recommendations as to when and how to use them
Know what to do in tricky situations - scope creep, delays, overruns, and others
Receive an extensive manual for post workshop reference.

Program Content


Orientation and clarification

Distinction between consulting, contracting and service provision
4 Modes of delivering consultancy services: contracting, expert, facilitating &  collaborative - appropriateness and insights into how you are perceived
How consultants add value
Key relationships: who are your real clients?

Consultancy Skills - 'How To Consult'

The consulting process - 6 essential steps
Four principles for collaborative consulting:  managing politics, people and risk while building ownership and support
Consulting competencies

Consulting Tools - A look at some of the key tools

Front end diagnostic tools:  Needs analysis / Gap analysis / Questioning techniques / Affinity charts / others
Problem diagnosis  - 5 Whys, KISS (Keep, Increase, Stop, Start), others
Project plans: a Project Management approach
Stakeholder mapping and management
Prioritisation techniques
Strategic planning, force field analysis, visioning
Facilitation skills, group process
Change Management methods
Solution creation
PIR - Post Implementation Reviews:

Consultancy Skills - Service delivery issues

Identifying and managing resistance, leading vs collaborating, delivering bad news, client fears, handling difficult people, giving and receiving feedback
Contracting: being overlooked, being typecast, being ignored
Workshopping issues particular to your consulting context

Client Relationship Management 1 / Marketing your services

Nature of services:  intangibles, 3rd party endorsement
Client ladder; relationship marketing
Your offer, your services
Identifying your target market
Building your profile active and passive marketing strategies
Networking skills
Conversation techniques, working a room!

Introduction to winning the engagement

The business development processes
Researching the need
Preparation and customising the offer
Approaching the client

Conducting the client meeting

Conducting the client meeting
Gaining agreement
Taking the brief

Client Relationship Management 2 / Building & sustaining influence

Building your influence
Managing expectations and relationships
Maintaining the relationship
Your key client program - composition and Action Steps / Schedule

Applied Relationship Skills

Skills acquisition and consolidation through customised role plays
Workshop issues relevant to your consulting

The Next Step


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