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Consultative Selling Skills

Program Summary


Context / philosophy of our approach

Consultants assist in helping clients find solutions to problems and / or to capitalise on opportunities - we are not 'product floggers' - we customise.
We may 'productise our services' but they are used merely to attract the interest of our clients. We then set about to investigate the client issue and to respond appropriately.
We don't 'hard sell' - we facilitate problem solving
We continually market to likely prospects by building our reputation as specialists who are of value to them in running their businesses. As such, we don't need to make 'cold telephone calls'.
'Every act of deception contains the seeds of its own destruction' - Peter Block in Flawless Consulting.

Program Outcomes

Learn the process of winning assignments - convert opportunities into leads and engagements
Receive a template marketing plan you can adapt and use in your business
Understand the marketing process and how it relates to your selling activities
Be aware of both active and passive strategies you can use and when to use them to build awareness and client relationships
Consider the principles of strategic selling to prepare and execute successful sales of large magnitude
Practice a range of appropriate 'closing techniques' so that you can intervene to facilitate the engagement.
Be aware of how to take the relationship to the next level once you have serviced a new client.
Consultants will be able to make a greater contribution to the firm by identifying and referring on additional consulting opportunities
Receive templates for potential 'scripts' and practice using them.
Receive an extensive manual for post workshop reference

Target Group

For consultants who need to bring in business
And for on-site consultants who are in a position to identify opportunities

Program Content


Know what you are selling

The various types of consulting and what we offer - distinction between the 4 Modes of consultancy services: contracting, expert, facilitating & collaborative - appropriateness and insights into how you are perceived
Our firm's services (and products)

Marketing and its relationship to selling

Marketing and its place and role in the selling cycle
Client ladder concept
Relationship marketing as the strategy to set up the selling opportunity
Nature of services:  intangibles, 3 rd party endorsement
Building your profile active and passive marketing strategies
The business development process

Our offers

Identifying the target market segments
Our 'competitive advantage' - options
The 'Client Value Proposition' - for each segment
Marketing audit - for our firm
Our marketing tools - do we have a complete kit?

Selling methodologies

'Professional selling skills' - for products - not consulting
Evolution of consultative selling
Strategic selling
Stages for selling - gathering prospects, making contact, filling the funnel, following up leads, getting second appointments, closing, delivering, following up.

Actioning the selling

Spotting the opportunity & researching the need
Preparation and style of offer
Approaching the client
Conducting the client meeting
Taking a brief: front end consulting tools for scoping: Needs analysis / Gap analysis / Questioning techniques / Checklists for client interviews
Setting and clarifying client expectations
How to handle questions from prospects (including objections)
Locking down the scope - selling the end situation
Recognising when prospects are ready to make the purchase (observing buying signals)
How to facilitate the purchase - (closing)


Settings: time and place, environment
Body language
Verbal language: what to say, what not to say

Negotiations on price

Fee setting: costing methods and pricing policies
'Solution selling', 'Value pricing'
Negotiating fees, 'selling fees'
Reaching agreement and being paid
Default pricing policies

Supplementary skills

Networking skills
Conversation techniques, working a room!
Your key client program - composition and Action Steps / Schedule

Applied Relationship Skills

Skills acquisition and consolidation through customised role plays

The Next Step


Contact Consultant Training Australia

For a discussion on your requirements, please contact Ian Benjamin at Consultant Training Australia.
Telephone: 03 9593 1678 or 0419 593 167

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This workshop contains some material and processes common to our other workshops. Detail of actual workshops will be developed in discussion with the particular requirements of clients.

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