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Personal Coaching for Consultants

Coaching assignments come from all client areas. Please contact us if you would like to discuss the situation you are contemplating.

How it works


By phone or face to face:

By phone - anytime. 

Fee for 40 minutes $88; or 90 minutes $165 (includes GST). 

You can have numerous contacts to use your 40 or 90 minutes.

Buy on-line, by phone or direct deposit, but contact Ian first to discuss your matter.

Contact Ian Benjamin: 0419 593 167 or email ian@consultanttraining.com.au

Face to face

Fee for 90 minutes is $242 (inc GST).

Melbourne - easily arranged

Sydney - frequent opportunities

Other places - consider phone

Here are examples of the type of coaching we have been providing.

Practising Consultants


Ian regularly helps consultants move on to: (actual case studies below)

Re-focusing after some years of practice
Working out the goal for the next phase of the business. How to go about planning and then implementing the next phase - which usually involves either growth or change of direction and sometimes both these aspects.

Increasing the level of income
Increasing value in the business. Paying attention to the components of the business that make it re-saleable. Your own 'succession plan'.

Building the client base through proactive marketing
Some clients move on from the position in which they engaged us. There tends to be a 'life-cycle' for a consultant in an organisation. The time will come when the client will benefit more by having someone new serve them. Consultants want to plan for this eventuality.

Preparing an approach
Including a pitch, to a client to win an engagement.

Conducting a consulting practice
Planning, service definition, fee setting, billing and recording methods, collections, reports, joint ventures, succession planning and sale of business.

Sorting out staffing and location issues

Assistance with Succession Planning
For consulting firm Principals in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth wanting to sell their businesses

Succession planning for consultancies
Owners of consulting firms who would like to sell their businesses

These are just a few of the many reasons to plan and implement a strategic marketing plan involving all aspects of your business.

New Consultants


New consultants seek advice about:

How to set up their businesses
There are a number of solutions to this issue dependent upon what type of consultancy they wish to operate, where they wish to be in three to five years time and upon their ultimate exit from consulting. One's financial and personal situation will also be relevant in ascertaining the best structure and location for their business.

Awareness of current fee rates, how much to allow for overheads, how to set fees, how to negotiate them and the many pitfalls in pricing that face consultants. How to move from 'free to a fee' basis with people already known to them?

Do they have the basis of a business? What do they need to do to start with the likelihood of being successful

What can they do that is manageable, affordable and effective getting their name out and what they can do to their target market? Do they need a web-site? If so, what are the various options available?

Partnerships and joint ventures
How to go about these - traps for inexperienced players.

Major and minor pitfalls
Coaching clients receive a list of 40 of these and we set about discussing the relevance to them in their situations.

Sample Engagements


Consultant Coaching - Some challenges Ian has helped consultants resolve

Sydney consultant about to leave her senior management position in a company and step out on her own. Her planning was extensive and part of it was to consult with a specialist in independent consulting to check that she 'had all bases covered'.

Melbourne consultant wanting to prepare her business for sale.  No obvious purchasers and while the business was very profitable it needed considerable 'work' to make it attractive to prospective purchasers.  I worked with her and her accountant to position the business in its proper light for sale.   (There have been many others in similar situations whom I have helped).

NSW Western Plains consultant bogged down with administration, perceived competitive forces and no balance in his life.

Brisbane consultant has very successful consulting business and she wanted to grow to take on employees. Coaching centred on how to manage the risks involved - financial, exposure of her client base, exposure of her IP, liability for the work of another person. The coaching was for three sessions plus I provided her with material to help her assess her own level of tolerance for the risks.

Melbourne consultant planning a merger with another consultant. Both had successful businesses and both wanted to share the responsibility of decision making, 100% attendance and to gain the costs saving of shared administration.

Perth consultant wanting to eventually develop his business so that he could spend approximately half his time in Australia and half in his European country of birth. (He wanted his children to be educated in that country).

Geelong consultant planning a merger with another consultant at the start-up phase. Partnership was based on previous friendship but no convergence of skills or market segment specialisations.

Sunshine Coast consultant unable to decide whether to step into self-employment as an independent consultant or to take a job using his skills where he would be the untroubled part-time employee. (There have been scores of people in this position that I have consulted and coached).

Corporate Coaching - Manager at odds with rest of the Leadership Group

Australian subsidiary of multi-national company.
A manager with valued and rare technical skills had lost motivation and became detached from the team. He treated other members of the leadership group with ill-disguised contempt. There was a high risk that the manager would either leave the company or be retrenched.
The coachee (manager) and Ian developed a program to assist him to return productively to the team. It sought to deal with the issues and then for re-establishment of harmonious relations and stability in the team. The coachee and Ian met for 6 one to two hour sessions over 18 months.
After the first two sessions the coachee started to change his behaviour and now both the team and the company are continuing to benefit from the professional (technical) contribution in a more stable situation.

The Next Step


Ring Ian to discuss your situation: 0419 593 167


National 03 9593 1678  Mobile 0419 593 167 International +61 3 9593 1678 info@consultanttraining.com.au
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